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10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Winning Office Cleaning Company

Your business is important to you, the good news is that it’s important to us too.  At Crisp & Clean, we believe a clean office environment promotes health, productivity and overall a better bottom line.  Hiring a an office cleaning company can be a daunting task so to the first thing you must do is to clearly identify your specific needs.  Once you have identified what you need then you should talk to a few companies.  Many companies will hasten to just give you quotes for their services, however, look for a company that will take the necessary time to understand and discuss your needs then tailor their services to fit those needs.  Think about it, how many times has an office cleaning company showed up only to sell you on their services without thoroughly striving to understand your need?  If the next sale is all they are interested how can they provide a service that is customized to fit you. That’s why we’re here to give you tips on finding the perfect office cleaning company in Schertz and Cibolo for your business. 

Here at Crisp & Clean, we tailor our office cleaning services around you.

We will happily discuss your needs, bring fresh and innovating ideas to the table and build the perfect cleaning package to adapt your needs so that you can have happy workers in a clean, sanitary and safe environment! Here’s our list of 10 tips you need to know before hiring a Office Cleaning Company.

A office cleaning services company should be able to:

  1. Identify your office cleaning needs

While it’s true that every business, regardless of product sold or service provided, deserves to be as clean as possible to attract and retain customers, it’s not always clear how a cleaning service can help to provide this type of environment. We encourage you to use the checklist below to identify and assess exactly what needs to be cleaned, how it is to be cleaned and the frequency of clean. Keep in mind that it is essential for your business to keep up with these needs to decrease the cause of cold, flu, viruses, and other medical conditions that can be obtained in the workplace. An office cleaning company should be able to effectively identify your needs after doing a walkthrough of your office.

Flooring: The problem with most hard-surface flooring is that it shows dirt and dust quickly. Usually, the floors can be cleaned with a damp mop, dry static duster or broom, but they may also need to be steam cleaned or scrubbed/stripped/waxed periodically for proper maintenance. And without the right equipment and know-how, that cleaning can be hard and time-consuming work.

Restrooms: Restrooms are an integral space in any building, but especially offices and childcare facilities.  Restrooms should, therefore, be cleaned daily, to protect users from bacteria and exposure to harmful bio-hazardous waste. If your bathrooms are not being cleaned regularly, you and your business could be compromising the health of your employees and by extension, their families.

Kitchens / Cafeterias: These are spaces that experience a high volume of human interaction throughout the workday, and therefore should be cleaned on a weekly basis, and even more so when seasonal illnesses are being spread.

Windows: Windows help to promote positive morale and comfort. For that reason, windows should be cleaned at least bi-monthly, to avoid being clouded with dirt.


Identify your Business as a Whole – is it small or corporate?

If you’re running a small business with a small office space you may not need a cleaner five days a week. You may only need a cleaner one or two days a week. How many employees do you have? The company should be able to quote you on what would work best for your business whether it’s three days a week or seven.

Be Fully Insured

The cleaning service you choose should provide their employees with workers’ compensation and business liability insurance to cover situations such as injuries on the job, negligence of employees on the job and so forth Smart businesses will also have liability insurance. This ensures that the client will not be responsible for any injury incurred by the employee while performing the job.


Screen All Employees

Most commercial cleaning is done after business hours when everyone has gone home for the day. It’s imperative that cleaners go through mandatory and thorough background and drug screening. And you as a customer of the company have rights to the background information provided on your cleaner.

Thoroughly Train all Employees

Once hiring a suitable candidate, they should be given the necessary tools and training to work in the facility they will be placed in. This entails comprehensive training videos, hands-on training, and evaluation to ensure that the cleaner delivers high-quality work throughout the facility. Beyond basic cleaning methods, cleaners should be trained according to the instructions of the of the facility they will be cleaning. After training even, the best employees still need to feel vital to their organizations. Find out what incentives are offered to employees, or what the company does to make them feel like they are appreciated. This is a way to ensure that your cleaner is staying motivated to do their job successfully.

Be Economically Clean (Use Eco-friendly products)

An Office Cleaning Company should be able to use eco-friendly products where at all possible. They should be using supplies such as multi-colored microfiber rags to reduce paper waste, automatic eco-friendly chemical dispensers, green cleaning products. They should also be recycling where possible, sizing garbage can liners to help effectively reduce plastic material waste and using backpack vacuums, with HEPA air filters to protect air quality.

Have Flexibility

It’s crucial that you work with a company that can meet your needs and not the other way around. Are they able to send a cleaner at the designated time you need them to? Maybe this is before you open, or when you close at midnight. The bottom line here is that they should be able to offer you a cleaner when you need it.

Have Excellent Communication

How will you be communicating with the commercial cleaning company you just hired? How will you communicate with your cleaner? The cleaning company you hire should be able to provide you with two easy methods of contact.

  1. Immediate contact number for your account manager (This is your cleaner’s supervisor)
  2. Communications log for you to communicate effectively with your cleaner. (This could be about supplies, cleaning, or maybe your office is closed for a couple days.)

Aside from the two main methods of contact that should be provided to you.  Crisp & Clean leverages technology to stay connected with managers, employees, and clients through the life of every account.  We use a simple communication app that allows your cleaner to easily contact their supervisor at any given time. This software really has it all. Some of the features include inventory tracking, client messaging, problem reporting, detailed cleaning instructions, and scheduling.  

Increase your Businesses Productivity

Think about this when you’re at home, and your house is clean – you feel better. You breathe better, it smells better, it looks better. The same applies to office environments. If you are not sure how well your current cleaning program is affecting your staff, then it is time to find out. If you are a small company talk to them if you are a large company then maybe an email survey with room for suggestions.  It is important you get the right answers, not the ones you want to hear so make sure your communication is in a way that your staff feels they can be honest. Walk around the offices unannounced and observe for yourself how clean the workplace and how happy your team is.  You can use this very effective tool to evaluate whether your cleaning regime needs a little revamping of janitorial services to increase your businesses productivity.

Negotiable About Costs

Whether you are a large company or a one-man show cleaning is something you cannot ignore. No matter what size your company is, not having a clean environment for your staff to work will adversely affect your business.  An untidy work area is bad for moral, wastes valuable work time and can be detrimental to the health of your staff.  Crisp & Clean has figured out that there are two key factors that may help you if you are trying to put a cleaning budget together for your business.

Your office cleaning costs as a percentage of gross revenues depend heavily on how many employees you have in your office and how many visitors normally visit your facility.

Keep in mind that cleaning costs don’t have to be high to be effective.  Every company is different, you should find a company that will strive to understand your needs.  The more information you share during your meeting with office cleaning companies, the better they will be able to serve you in cleaning your business.  Many office cleaning contracts are written strictly for the money, which means they are written so you’re obligated to stay with them long-term. This usually entails signing an annual contract. Here at Crisp & Clean, there are No Long-Term Contracts and this is what sets us apart.  If you’re not happy with our services you’re not obligated to stay.

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