The Importance of a Clean Office Environment

First impression matters in the world of business.  Your office appearance paints a picture in the minds of clients that walk into your organization.  That first impression ultimately sets the tone for the relationship that will follow.  It is important that your office/business premises are kept clean, sanitary and safe at all times.  However, having a clean working environment is not just about making a good first or second impression. It also has a great impact on your business as a whole, especially internally because it will greatly affect the performance and morale of your team.

A 2015 report by the American Medical Association states 15 million people call in sick every year and this leads to a loss of revenue due to the loss of productivity.  Sick building contributes to 7.7 sick days per employee per year.  These sick days cost employers $225.8 Billion per year.  See the Value of Clean blog post.

In order to clearly outline the impact that a clean working environment would have on your business or organization, we would like to share with you, 7 important factors that you should take note of.

Improved Mood

A clean working environment can boost the mood of your employees and contribute to their productivity because they will ultimately feel more comfortable in a well-kept space. It may even make it easier for them to work longer hours when necessary due to the comfort level they experience at the office.


Reduced Sick Days

Companies with a clean working environment will have fewer employees calling in sick because the factors that could contribute to ill-health like germs are non-existent in a well maintained, sanitary and clean working environment.  In other words, businesses and brands can maintain and increase their revenue by simply making sure office cleanliness is one of their priorities.


Enhanced Moral

An unkept and cluttered office may very well be one major reason why your employees dash out of the office at the end of the day.  An environment that is not well maintained can contribute to the lingering thought of, I just cannot wait to get out of here.  Having an office that has refuse not being disposed of or restrooms with heavy dust and grime is a major turnoff.  When you have a business/working environment that is well organized, employees will want to come to work and put in extra hours where necessary and be more productive because their comfort is guaranteed.

More Concentration

As reported by, ‘Jeffery Campbell, PhD chair of the facilities management program at Brigham Young University conducted a study on the relationship of cleanliness and learning in higher education. A total of 1,481 people were surveyed for the study. 88% of respondents reported that productivity, concentration, and learning is hampered in dingy places. Sensory distractions like clutter and foul smells affect focus in many ways.

Cleanliness Contributes to Equipment Life

Keeping your equipment clean is something that is often overlooked as well. Not only should your communal equipment (Printers, photocopiers, fax machines, etc) be sanitized regularly they should also be cleaned and maintained to prevent breakages, which result in losses in efficiency and productivity. All electrical machines need to be dusted regularly to prevent fires and other damages.

More Organized

A cluttered workspace is one of the biggest causes of workplace stress.  Productivity is a bi-product of happy employees working in organized spaces.  Ever spent too long trying to find something that should have been easy to find? Take those minutes in your day, multiply by the number of employees and you can start to see how much time is lost each day trying to deal with the effects of an unclean office.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

There is a strong correlation between customer satisfaction and a clean office and this also applies if you have customers overseas. This is because it will make the staff of a company happier and when they are happy, it will show in their performance throughout the day as they will end up providing better overall service to your customers.

Furthermore, you won’t have to be worried or feel embarrassed when a potential client, supervisor, government official visits your business.  When everything is in place and well organized, it will show that your organization is serious about image and ultimately about business.

The great thing about this article is that we are not just going to list the benefits that your company could enjoy from having a clean office environment.  Below were are going to share with you several ways to ensure that you have a spotless working environment that will boost your image and employee productivity.

Instill A Neat Culture

Having a clean working environment springs from the kind of culture that you instill in each member of the team regardless of their status or position.  It is important to have some guideline in place to help instill and maintain this culture within your organization. For example, making sure everyone knows where to dispose of waste and provide ideas on keeping their desk organized majority of the time (Looking for perfection is impossible and can be intimidating).

Cleaning Routine

Having a cleaning routine would go a long way in making sure that a business organization remains spotless at all times and this could simply mean keeping the break room clean and organized and not eating in the office except in the break area. You may also consider placing a sign in the restroom asking everyone to wash their hands before leaving the restroom.

However, one of the best things that any company can do to ensure that their premises are clean at all times is to have ongoing profession cleaning services.  While some business opt to perform this task in house, however, a great cleaning service provider will be worth their weight in gold.  If you’re located in the greater San Antonio area Crisp & Clean provide professional office cleaning services to local businesses.  The great thing about this company is that they don’t just come in, clean and dash out of the door, they will also offer you expert advice that will improve the hygiene of your office/business premises.

More about Crisp & Clean

Crisp & Clean will also provide you with expert advice on how to maintain a consistent level of clean that meets the standards you have set for your organization.  Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in a long-term contract because our “No Long-Term Contract Policy” ensures that you get just what you need within the stipulated time that you want. However, we are sure that you will be with us for a long time because our services are next to none in the industry.  Our services are reliable, affordable and accessible so you can tailor our services to suit your business cleaning goals.

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